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Fannie Mae & Freddie: New rules

Lower appraisals seems to be dramatically increasing. Due to the new appraiser guidelines, property values are varied compared to before. At the peak of low values, it would be a perfect time to purchase a new home and take part in the first time buyer tax cut. Get Help Now! --->


Mortgages Trusted is a redesigned package that you can use if you are behind on your mortgages. With the right modifications you can be saved from many financial hardships. It's time to stop your house from slipping away! Stop foreclosure now with modifying from one of our qualified specialists who are dedicated to helping others through the new modification program and not themselves. You can fit comfortably into your budget rather than it being an overwhelming monthly drain on already tight finances. Get Help Now! --->

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Applying For A Loan Modification

When you speak to your broker about free assistance, there are various documents that they will request from you. Some times you will be asked questions over the phone and need to refer to these documents so it does help to keep them all in one place for quick reference each time you need to speak to your lender. Some documents may take some time to compile, so it helps if you are prepared for your future. Your credit history will not effect acceptance. It won’t matter even if you have excellent credit history or if you’re on time or late with your mortgage payments. You will be eligible for mortgage loan modification assistance.

Are you in a financial hardship
  • Payments are too high
  • Loss of employment
  • Medical Issues
  • Death in the family
  • Unique complications
  • Owe more than house's value

5 Great Reasons to Refinance

There are many great reasons to refinance. With lower cost, adjustables, and 0-down options, traditional programs like 30-year or 15-year fixed rate mortgages don't always allow us to meet our financial goals. Today, even reducing your mortgage interest rate a little can save you big over the life of your loan modification. Take a look below at 5 great reasons to refinance.

First-time home buyer tax credit: Until April 30th, 2010

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From this point on our webpage is setup to help inform you about all of the state loans and it's types. Above is an active link map and the traditional drop down menu. Choose the state in which your seeking detailed information. Our website covers all loans, such as mortgage loans, fha loans, home equity, refinance, debt consolidation and especially loan modification. If your here for a loan modification, please take a special interest in firmly reading the information provided by our website. We hope to assist in answering all of your loan questions. If you still have un-answered questions please send a detailed email to

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