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Don't let the economy hold you back from getting your new New Jersey home! Despite the bleak news about the economy, there's also good news for prospective home owners in NJ - not the least of which is the tax credit for new home buyers. While many bonuses have traditionally only affected first time home buyers, the proposed tax credit would affect almost all new home buyers in New Jersey, and could save you up to an estimated $15,000!
Let us help you make your new home buying dreams a reality! Whether you've already found the New Jersey property you would like to purchase or you'd prefer to get pre-qualified for a loan first, our mortgage professionals can help! Just fill in the form to your right to get started, and we'll find you a professional who can handle all your NJ mortgage loan needs!
The form consists of only two steps, and we won't ask for any sensitive information such as your social security number or address at this time. We believe privacy is key! If you're unsure about something on the form, simply estimate to the best of your knowledge. We'll find the best mortgage professional for you, and you'll be contacted shortly!
And best of all? It's free! We won't charge you a cent to connect you with the best loan professional for your needs, and your privacy will be protected!
Currently covering all counties in NJ! From Absecon to Zarephath, from Atlantic county to Warren county, we'll find the match for you! We'll get you the best help possible, regardless of which part of New Jersey you live in!

First-time home buyer tax credit: Until April 30th, 2010

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